How safe is my money?

Security of your savings and investment is a priority for Benefit Cash. We keep your money safe and secure with multiple layers of protection.

Your money is well protected

Best-In-Class Investments

Our team of experienced finance professionals invest in risk-free investment portfolios which include treasury bills, government bonds, and professionally managed mutual funds.

Bank-Grade Security

Our Payment processors are PCI-DSS compliant to ensure optimum security of your data electronically. All card and bank data are encrypted to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

2FA is an extra layer of protection to ensure the security of your account beyond just a username and password. All verifications for key transactions pass through the the 2FA process on Benefit Cash.

Asset Under Secure Watch

In addition to investing your savings in low risk financial instruments, these instruments are held on behalf of our customers by Meristem Trustees, registered with The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Top security questions

Where is Benefit Cash' office located?

Our office is located at 5C, Reverend Ogunbiyi street, Ikeja GRA, Lagos. We host meet-up events to educate the public on personal finance, you should register to attend the next one.

How safe are my debit card details with Benefit Cash?

Our payment processors are PCI DSS compliant to ensure all delicate data are encrypted and rendered unreadable.

Is Benefit Cash regulated by the CBN or protected by the NDIC?

Benefit Cash is not a bank but a savings and investments company; we work with Meristem trustees regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to ensure we take the right decisions with your investment.

Who is Meristem?

Meristem Securities Limited is a Capital Market Conglomerate regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of which Meristem Trustees is a subsidiary.

Who will be held responsible for my funds with Benefit Cash?

At Benefit Cash you are your first personal financial manager, we provide all the tools necessary for you to take charge of your finances. However, our team of financial experts led by a CFA charterholder takes away the hassle that comes with choice of investment portfolios.

Why does Benefit Cash require my debit card details?

All automated transactions are done using your debit card, as we take away the hassle that comes with banking halls. Payments for savings and investments are made via your bank issued debit card, secure and seamless.

How does Benefit Cash offer higher interests?

Your saved funds are securely invested on your behalf for the duration you choose. Our investment portfolio is a mix of high quality and low-risk financial instruments issued by both Central Bank of Nigeria and the Debt Management Office (DMO). The interest you earn is earned from the returns on these investments.